Trina Pak

Transforming Clarity: A Personal Branding Redesign for Trina Pak's Referral Marketing Journey

Background: Trina Pak, a dedicated referral marketer, initially struggled with a vague and unfocused online presence under the domain 3naPak.com. Her website lacked clarity, making it difficult for potential clients to understand her services. Recognizing the need for a more distinct and personal brand, Trina decided to undergo a redesign, transitioning to TrinaPak.com.

Challenge: The challenge was to create a website that not only clarified Trina’s services but also established a compelling personal brand. The aim was to reflect her expertise in referral marketing while showcasing her unique approach as a “Mompreneur,” emphasizing the power and versatility of combining motherhood and entrepreneurship.


  1. Clarify Services: Clearly communicate Trina’s expertise in referral marketing and highlight the value she brings to clients.
  2. Establish a Personal Brand: Develop a distinct personal brand that emphasizes Trina’s identity as a mompreneur, showcasing the strength and resilience that comes from balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship.
  3. Improve User Experience: Create a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation, ensuring visitors easily find information about Trina’s services, testimonials, and contact details.

Solution: The new TrinaPak.com focused on a personal branding strategy, centering around the theme “Unleashing the Power of Mompreneurship.” The website design incorporated a clean and professional aesthetic, with a color scheme that resonated with both the business and motherhood aspects of Trina’s identity.

Key Features:

  1. Clear Messaging: The homepage prominently featured Trina’s tagline, “Unleashing the Power of Mompreneurship,” accompanied by a concise description of her referral marketing services, ensuring visitors immediately understood her unique value proposition.
  2. Personalized Visuals: Personal branding was reinforced through carefully curated visuals, including professional photos of Trina as a mompreneur, establishing a connection with the audience.
  3. Testimonials and Success Stories: A dedicated section highlighted client testimonials and success stories, building trust and credibility in Trina’s services.
  4. Blog and Resources: To showcase Trina’s expertise, a blog section was added where she could share insights on referral marketing and offer valuable resources to her audience.
  5. Contact and Consultation: Clear calls-to-action for contacting Trina and scheduling consultations were strategically placed throughout the website, making it easy for potential clients to take the next steps.

Results: The redesigned TrinaPak.com successfully transformed Trina’s online presence. The clear messaging and personal brand not only attracted more visitors but also increased the conversion rate, turning leads into clients. The website now serves as a powerful tool in conveying Trina’s expertise in referral marketing and her unique perspective as a mompreneur, establishing a memorable and impactful online identity.